Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hot In Quarantine!

I came across this guy's video whom made a trip to South America and found his funny ass in a TB zone. So upon his return to Sydney Australia he has been placed in Quarantine. I remember I was in hospital when I came down with Shigella dysenteriae, which sucked ass and I was stuck in a room for five days with no TV and cable and only my magazines and Iphone to keep me company. I missed my partner and my dog. But ulike this guy I had visitors to visit me and keep me company, but true to form I complained like a mother fucker. Old habits die hard. Upon seeing this video it reminded me of a guy whom was a male nurse I knew in LA. He got fired for blowing a male patient whom had a visible hard on while in Traction, when he was caught by an Orderly making the rounds. FYI, the patient came in his mouth the moment the orderly entered the room. Enchante! All that's missing from this video is the money shots of him in those hospital robes where your ass is always showing. Lucky for Christian Van Vuuren his humour is still intact and kinda hot. I know Tyer (whoops, I do have a big mouth) would be on it in an instant. Ladies and gentlemen I bring you the Fully Sick Rapper. Hit it.

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