Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dublin Volume One: get me there pronto

Joleene in Bren's Mam's chair after a long haul.

Planning a trip is never easy. There are things to do, routes to map out and plan, pack and make sure the pooch does not get on my last gay nerve. So while the good folks over at Nissan allowed me a use of a Cube after the launch over at Tower Bridge. It allowed me a little breathing space. With my playlists picked out I had the perfect driving music to play so I would not fall asleep. Unfortunately I was not the one doing all the driving as my partner had to. I don't have a license yet, so the roads can heave a sigh of relief for now. Up at the crack of dawn to make our drive to Holyhead in under five hours to take the ferry to Dublin Port. Let me just say it was more akin to going to Wally World. In short I had my bitch on. Bren had not had his morning coffee, and Joleene with her dog rescue issues made sure she was well within proximity to make sure we brought her along. So there we were packed into the Cube all in strange moods at 6:00am.

Bren always complains that his legs hurt after a few hours driving as he is a whopping 6'2. I do like them big. So plugging in the Tom Tom and trying to wake up made for a comic episode, as Bren called out in cadence to which route he should take. So what do I do, I swear at the very moment I turned into my mother, an utter bitch with an axe to grind. We haven't even left London yet, and we were at it and it was only 6;15am. Joleene wanted to sit in front cause she like a view and was a petulant little brat all while this was taking place. Route mapped on Tom Tom, check. Plug in my iphone and hit play. But because it was stressful enough I chose Massive Attack first to ease us in. and make our way to the M6. Finally, road bound. Comfy seat, killer tunes and with the family to Dublin we a go.

Some guy taking a photo in his car of the cube!

Two hours passed and I caught glimpses of people staring at us and I forgot I was in a car nobody had actually seen just yet. So as they smiled I scored them and was struggling with my own tiredness. I needed reinforcement. Sonic Youth playing much to the chagrin of Bren, whom thinks they're just noise. The sound system pumped as Unmade Bed played and we both were in desperate need of Coffee and Joleene needed a pee and poo break. So to the road stop services we go. To me those places are the third ring of fashion and style hell. Don't get me started on the service they provide or lack there of, cause it sucks. I needed to wake up and I don;t even drink coffee. Two and half hours in and no complaints of leg pains from Bren, all systems go. Relieved and caffeined we hot the road again. Smooth sailing until Joleene acts up and does the dog version of bucking the back seat with her big head. After the fourth threat of returning her to the dog pound she behaved and went to sleep.

Guy chased us to check us out, Better Recognise!

Apparently gets real wild on Karaoke nights, I hope I can handle it.

Holyhead Local Yokels

Bren's mood was in auto pilot and upon reaching our destination of Holyhead, I accidentally dropped Bren's phone under the seat as it rang. Being that my phone was blue-toothed to the car sound system. Nice. Bren shot me a glare as we made our way through customs onto the ferry for Dublin. I swear I shot him a glance that said I could park my nails into his face. We were tired and I gave him a kiss. We had to Leave Joleene in the in the car, but first she needed to run her little legs off. So as we waited to board the ferry I took a walk to see what the local action was in Holyhead.
I use the term "action" loosely as and shit happening in Holyhead. Joleene acted like a rabid escaped dog whom is never let out of her pen but once she did her business she was her loveable self once again. Three hours would be our trip while the ferry porters asked questions about the Cube. and Joleene decided to go for Oscar gold and decide to bark in protest to us leaving her in the car. We needed a disco nap and thank god we got 1st class tickets on this ship. Cause I needed a fucking break and was in no mode to act the diva while on a ship en route to Dublin.

Tracks Played while driving!
Iggy and The Stooges: Down On The Street- FunHouse
Massive Attack: Paradise Circus- Heligoland
The XX: Basic Space- XX
Sonic Youth: Unmade Bed- Sonic Nurse
Mclusky: Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues- Mclusky Do Dallas
Tricky: Pumpkin- Maxinquaye
Led Zeppelin: Tangerine- Led Zep III
The Chantells: My Plea
Detroit Cobras: I'll Keep Holding On- Rabbit Rat Or Mink
The Shangri- La's: Out In The Street- Best Of
The Damned: New Rose- Damned Damned Damned
Sade: Soldier Of Love- Soldier Of Love
Fleetwood Mac: Sisters Of The Moon-Tusk
Heart: Magic Man- Dreamboat Annie

So with lunch ordered on the ferry we started to unwind and take a much needed rest. My god I deserved a break today. But we were still an hour out of Dublin City port before we reached a final destination. Bacon was saved as a treat for Joleene and a Mea Culpa for leaving her alone for so long. But we made it. and I like the others were tired. Ater a 9 hour trip the car help us make the trek smoother and I just wanted to get some sleep.

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