Thursday, 4 February 2010


There are two guys around Shoreditch that walk around like old crusty ass Victorian dandy dudes, only problem is they never really look pulled together. Not like real Victorians whom were down with the puritan pose on traditional social and economic and political advancement of Great British Empire and all the industry of steam power. Yet I have to say that I don't get these "steampunks". I just think it well kinda silly. Sure some of the gadgets look ala Terry Gilliam and I'm all for that, but posing as a crusty ol' broke ass victorian in need of a serious wash and ironing is in my book, dumb. It's 2009 not 1879. The shit reeks of designer impostor perfume or needs some placed on it. Why not just go for the whole hog and call yourselves, Vic-Dorkess's Von Behind The Times. Stuck in the past, and locked into an outfit that is something crossed between a hooloween costume and a get up. Never returned to the fancy dress shop and deeply in need of pressing. I can understand when you strip away a runway look from a fashion show and see the clothes as separates and work them into your wardrobe.

Ok at 41 I'm to old for this shit cause it's just goth's in even more drab colours without the pancake makeup. I have a real appreciation for victorian things, but I am not going to act as if I live in a time when it was quite repressive and somewhat, well boring. There is a tattoo artist I know of whom dresses this way, and all I ever want to do is hose the dude down with a fire hose and scrub his ass with Ajax prison style. Don't even get me started in his tattoos. What's the point? That's like saying you're a hippy in todays modern society. Stuck in the past when there is already advancement on most social and technical standpoints. I would hate to live in a time warp. As I get older and look at more subcultures like some Rock-a-billies whom wear fifties clothes and are covered in tattoos, they kinda look like groovy ghoulies and a science project. Not like the Drapes or Rockers from the past in the actual era. I mean even the Japanese with their meticulous attention to detail always get it right. Almost better than the American & English counterparts whom invented Rock n Roll.

Killer Clothes over At Child Of The Jago.

I love the clothes from the 50's cause they're actually made better than the shit that is churned out today. Some rock-a-billy guys and girls wear knock offs that look cheaply made and for some reason seem better suited for a child or teenager under 16 years of age. Some killer Brogues never go out of style and last a long ass time. Yet I am not about to look like a reject from a Comic con convention. I feel individuality starts with the mind, bang your own drum. That being said, I too used to be with it, then they changed what "it" was. Now I find it weird and scary and just a little bit stupid. Something goes horribly wrong when you try and emulate a trend that has been long gone, it's called taste. That;s not to say that some don't get it right, cause I think that is where personal style come's through, and you make it your own.

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