Thursday, 4 February 2010

Free Willy!

I will admit that I have been to jail in my feeble and humble 41 years. Yes, I have broken the law for stupid dumb shit and thrown in jail for something so trivial as a bench warrant. However, when I came across this story I just couldn't help myself in saying being arrested sucks. Which brings me to the topic of one well known fashion male model acting a damn fool in the first degree. I'm sure there are loads of gay porn story lines that go a lil something like this.

When in fact it is far from this. Well i am sure for one Nick Snider he went over then line and it just didn't work out in his favour.
Our little Nicky here is a famous male model for such noted brands such as Prada, decided to get his drunk on in all places of places Alabama. Once crazy struck poor nick The Bill was called in for reinforcements when he refused to leave. Upon arresting him and placing him in the back of a squad car, nick came up with a plan. The problem is that really drunk pretty people often don't gain IQ points when under the influence, so this was bound to be a doozy. He offered the arresting officer a trip two second base. Yep! A Blow job. Come On Nick, couldn't you at least offer the guy a free Prada suit, bag, watch whatever? I mean jesus, surely you had something lying around? A half used bottle of cologne perhaps.

I have a friend whom works in porn and she always used to get pulled over. Her ritual was to throw some of her porno promo slicks on the passenger side floor, flash her tits and cry. This would make the cop, both lezzies and straight men ask about her movies, and she offered them a video or slick in hopes of getting out of a ticket. It always seemed to work for her. Nick's hook, " I am a very famous model." That would have lost my attention immediately. So his big finnish to sweeten the pot was to suck his dick and balls if he let him go. Ooh Nick, too much. Shoulda stuck with the free Prada bag. Upon his arrival at the station, Nick proceeded to offer the other officers, janitors, lunch lady Doris and the telephone repairman, ANYONE really a hummer if they released him. Ahh bless. Can't keep a good ho down for trying. But I blame the drunk acting like a sexual pest for his fine and funny mess. What's even funnier is the cop he offered initially isn't even hot!( See pic below of the arresting Officer for a visual.) At least not Cop dick sucking hot! Do I sound like a choosy slut? Good!

I love a good mug shot though. Especially when they looked fucked up in the photo ala Mel Gibson. It is not known if any anti semitic remarks were made during our poor Nicks arrest. But I would like to think there might have been. How dare they trun down Runway throat. I mean the power was in the cops hands. You do the gay math. Maybe I watch to much gay porn Me personally I am not a fan of Prada or Cologne, watches, bags, or pretty runway models. I hope Nick here can pull a Kate Moss and make this scandal a more profitable one like she has done. Fashion loves to forgive especialling when a model is willing to suck dick for it.

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