Thursday, 25 February 2010

Smoke On This!

People are all up in arms about a little ad that has made the rounds in france to get people to stop smoking. And I will be honest when I saw the ads, thaught to myslef, self, if cigarettes were like giving head I would be doing it all the time. Shit I'd never get off my kness. But one thing I have to say about the French is that I do enjoy their saucy sense of humour and when they nail it the fucking nail it good. The ad reads, To smoke, it is to be the slave of the tobacco. But if you ever tried to buy cigarettes in Paris it's a fucking chore running around looking for a sign reading TABAC. By the time you find a joint you've already kicked the habit. Too much work. Yet, come on this add works on so many levels, have you ever found yourself blowing someone and it's comparible to doing your taxes, what's worse is when they look completely bored or simply vacant. Fuck that. Then they moan when you stop. How rude, well they don't call it a job for nothing. Still I like the ad and it made me smile, so there is my two cents.

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