Saturday, 15 August 2009

Ears Everywhere Beware!

With the evident threat of that quasi bitch Adam Shambert threatening to release his liquid disc of shit to the masses and general public. The PR machine has kicked into over drive to embrace his inner fag-you-nous. Some fucking glam quad must have told him this was cutting edge and ffff, fffufufthp, fffefeirm ffuff, fahfahthuurp,.... fierce. Listen Adam, Gary Newman called and wants his look back.

So this is what happens to you when you have aspirations to look like Roisin Murphy, Bjork crossed That Lady Ga bitch with the big honk beak, whom doesn't like to wear pants. And let's start with that mother fucking hair. Any kid from the seventies remembers the claymation Christmas Rudolph Tv show. So what the fuck is going on with that, "Herbie, wants to grow up and be a dentist!", sweep of hair? I blame the tubby bitch camera right. Sorry but to be hired as a stylist shouldn't you have taste, or style first? Kinda like the blind leading the blind. Adam, Missy Elliot called and said she was going to kick your ass, if so much as one squint of jizz stains her throwback costume.
Well props to the art director for distracting Adams chin with that much bigger roll beneath. I Iamgine this will be photo chopped the fuck out and will probably look a little something like this.
and of course first music video his video will look alittle something like this in about five, four three two...

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