Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Moments That Shaped Me Number 6

My aunt Jane used to baby sit me and my brother and since she was a influence in ways musically to me, I remember her teaching me how to dance to this very song. And for some reason, no matter what my mood this always will put it in a better one. I would violently shake and knock down furniture, step on the family dog, fall over and get right back up. I would shake to a rhythm my feet couldn't control. Much to the chagrin of my mother when I heard music I would simply knock into things and keep moving. Forward motion, keep shuffling and then I saw this. I was simply just a plucky six year old id and thought this is where I needed to be. I remember once dancing so violently that I accidently smakked my brothr in the eye with my hand. So come 12:00pm on a saturday afternoon I would plant my little ass in-front of the TV. I was left alone to my own devices, and happily so. Music was partly what shaped me. And then I would try and mime and mimic the motions that I saw in-front of me. I would normally do this till I simply passed out of exhaustion. It's funny how certain songs stay with you and this one has always been a favorite.

If you go to 1:09, the bitch in the brown vest looks like the fashion equavalent to Swine Flu.. As opposed to American Bandsatnd, well it was just sixty minutes of who to dance like a dorky asshole. I mean this to me anyways, solitified that most white people don't have the rythem and below shows proof.

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