Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Reason I am going to go to hell Number-8745

You know when you see some one you know isn't very attractive and for some reason you picture yourself with them in some sort of sexual encounter? Don't know why but you do, but it's there and make you really uncomfortable. Kinda like watching midget or dwarf porn, you know you shouldn't watch it, but morbid curiosity takes over. So before you know it it, your watching, Doc, Grumpy, Bashfull and Sneezy huffing and puffing on top of a normal sized broad. But odly there is no Gay Midget porn which I think is a travesty and a real shame. Just goes to show you what pretencious cocksuckers gay guys can be, I know it's politically incorrect to say midget or dwarf porn, and the correct term would be little people persons porn or some shit like that.. And since the Jack Daniels is kicking in and I lack a manners most of the time, I am saying fuck it.. Gimme Midget Gay porn. i was once cruised by a dwarf in New York City in 1992 at The Cell Block leather bar, I remember him having a really big forhead and his dick was almost as big as his forhead. It freaked me out to see this little big dude with a mansized torso and huge head and really little legs. Only wearing doc Martens and a hard on, he came straight at me and I was not drunk enough nor had the balls to take a walk on his wild side.

Now I know what your thinking? I have the morals of a dank alley cat, but I brutally rebuffed him for a leather man of height of 6'2. I have always prefered tall men to myself. But when I saw a photo of Nick Vujicic, I pictured all kinds of nastiness that makes a Catholic preists flush with heat at alter boy chior auditions. I know he's not a midget nor a dwarf. but more an amputee. w
Which reminds me I need to renew my subscription to Ampulove. Perhaps this all because I have been watching marathon sessions of Psychoville and wondering what it would be like with a little person, but I think that is just a passing thought. But for Mr, Vujicic, bring it I would, if I had a get out of jail card givien to me by my partner. Then I would try shit you wouldn't do to a farm animal.
Mr. Vujicic is a inspirational speaker to people whom are faced with physical disabilities. Well he inspires me to whip my cock out and think of having a go in the devils playground, if you know what I mean.
Nick just struck that cord with me and I thought fuck yeah! But he is still a virgin and hat whole purity ring bullshit stuff. So as me not being a goody goody it will stay a fantasy.. and I am completely cool with that. Ok fuck yes I wear a scarlet letter for looking at a guy with a certain disbility in a way that would be unholy. But I've already sassed the lord so what's one more sin going to do... but put a smile on my face.

But still I wonder why there is no midget gay porn.. I mean you can watch a guy be nailed by a Labrodour or suck off a horse, but no midget. The straight equivilant is Bridget the Midget, and she is a really cool girl, I met her in my porn days on a set years ago. Now before you start to think I can't touch myself without thinking of the Lollipop Kids in Munchkin Land, This was just a randon fleeting question that I had of why there is no dwarf pornfor gay guys.. and could not find any.,.and believe me I looked!

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