Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Iconography Of Masks!

I have had a hell of a social schedule and am hence here by stricken from making and or cooking up any hair brain schemes for the time being. The Mask Show went on without a hitch, from what I can remember. The Sambucca shots poured and remember tall tales and luckily didn't fall into any displays or make an ass out of myself. But I always believe it ain't a party till somethings broken. Lucky for me the masks were a hit and the three day gathering garnered quit a bit of press. Showing at galleries is always a bit hectic till the work is actually hung and I have a few in me to quell the demon satan child that lurks in me. Thanks to Jason and Manko and Resistence Gallery for a splendid evening. The Running theme seemed to be pain and death. One womans mask was a tribute of her parnter whom died a week after they broke up. Hopefully Gary and Jason can make the show travel and a documentary will be featured for the exhibition as well. I added my two cents of crazy ramblings to the film and should be coming to a space near you in the future. (fingers crossed)
So here is the night shinanigans, Enjoy.

As you can clearly see I can not hold my composure in the graces of of fine art even when I am one of the artists showing.

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