Saturday, 22 August 2009

My Fellow Americans

Last night I went home bleary eyed, tired wobly and feeling really run down mostly cause I had a shit week! Upon my arrival home
I normally have my ritual, tear off my clothes and put my uniform on. Boxers and a wife beater (wife pleaser to my feminist friends), the most comfortable clothes man can ever wear next to being naked. Anyhoo, turn on the flat screen and to the daily news.. and the usual. Hooded moron claims innocence after stabbing kid 16 times in public park with 39 witness's saying otherwise. Parliment blaming binge drinking and alcoholic behavior on cheap booze prices and a dwindling economy. Forget the fact that we live in a country where there is a fucking pub nearly every 2 blocks in central London. Anti Social Behavior out of control when laws are put into effect from preventing us from kicking the shit out of these little petualent little shits, but it's still rising. But then we turn to Things going on in America.... Although tired my interest is suddenly perked. I sit up and listen.

It's really weird to watch my home country change and view it from the outside. To witness it's behaviour from a different perspective outside the circle. First, with the release of the Lockerbie Bomber. Ok, yes it;s horrible, and yes, it should never have happened. To make thinkgs clear I am not supporting nor deffending Al Megrahi or his actions. Just Like Timothy McVey, I think they are answers we will never truly have to get a full picture. So cue conspiracy theorists and all, I think there is more to be learned. I do believe that the real criminals and culprits for these attrocities are still at large, so there I said my two cents. Come on can any one see the irony here? Americns thinks he's such and asshole, and the guy is dying of prostate cancer. Literally. Ok, it's not like he's chilling with P fucking Diiddy whats his face in St. Tropez, down at his crib sipping champagne. I could care less what fucking Libya thinks for they raise flags when a fucking Camle makes a takes shit! Still I think that the Scottish Secretary MacAskhill gave a good reason, and fair enough. There are always going to be wo sides of this political tar baby. I think in order for the world to be a better place we need to be a more compassionate world and loving people as a whole.

A private shop is around the corner from my shop, I didn't go over there with stern words or get angry but went over with some
flowers and wished the luck and congradulations.. She earned it. America seems to think that the world, i.e. them, are always under direct terrorist threat and would like to keep their citizens thinking that too. which is a shame. In the 80's it was the Russians whom posed the biggest threat, now it's crazed militant Muslims and any Muslim middle easyern country for that matter that pose the threat to America. Well if the fucking bully is going to punch you, he 's going to fucking punch you not talk about it. So for me I think that this was a bold move in humanity. Also I do feel Obama has to tread carefully as I am sure he has a team of advisors whom he has to make sure he keeps the status quo there. It may be a completely different to what he personally feels as opposed tohis professional opinion. With his trying to reform social health care. This was the footoage that pissed me off. Some dumb bitch at a town hall meeting speaking with her local government official, claiming that Obama was supporting a Nazist, Fascist ideology. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some stupid broad in ugly ass clothes, row 9 seat 6 whom needs a really good fucking slap.

What is the problem with social health care? Nothing. I have a General Practioner one block from my home. I will never pay more than £7.10 ($11.72) for any medicine or perscription I may need. In fact some I get for free. FREE MEDICINE. Why Because I need it. For instance if someone takes medication that is costing them in America $630 for heart a condition, this does not cover 60 day refills and other incidents, like medication falling down a drain. Stupid I know but happens. Here, a doctor just refills this. Of course I am not sying that I get Vallium mailled to me, I did in California. A friend told me told me he is billed $5000 for the drug Atripla for a three month supply or what his insurance does. Which is fucking crazy! I stayed ina a hospital bed with accute food poisoning for 6 days and was free! I know one asprin tabliet in the state doled out by staff would have cost me $18.00. again fucking crazy. Plus I was in a private wing so I was doing ok. I mean the food was dire but It wasn't like I checked into the Sanderson Hotel With heated debates and the the threat of Americans at each others throats over medical reform, if stupid and fucking bullshit. So take it from someone who has expierienced it first hand as an American, Social Health Care WORKS! The footage of Billy Bob holding his "Oboma(sic) Don't Know "picket sign argueing with a woman about the issue was good television. I think it was the same fucker whom was ther picketing the Dixie Chicks, only with a better haircut.

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