Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Welcome to sunny Doncaster!

Dear friends I seem to be trapped in the ass crack of the fourth demonsion of hell, also knows as Doncaster South Yorkshire. Please send Comfortable bed, Cable TV, good food, and valium.. Casue I am about to cut a bitch! Having a blast with my imaginary enemies. Wish you were here.

After the Iconography Of Masks Show I had to haul my ass to Doncaster for the Tattoo Jam convention hosted by Skin Deep. As my shop was manning a booth I was asked to come by the Editor of Skin Deep himself. So I couldn't say no. So we packed the vehicle and made way on the road, over the hills and through the woods to Doncaster Racecourse we go. No I gotta say that Doncaster isn't so much a city as it is a sleepy town. With only the finest of cuisine to offer the wayward traveller, I was beside my self with hunger, famine, and boredom. Nestled between closed shops and the odd off license with two magazines and not much else there isn't a whole lot to do here othe than gamble and drink. This place is not the place to get yourself into trouble, and believe me I looked. But rather a quiet town in the north, where the Yorkshire accent reigns supreme and friendly people none the less. Albeit not the most stylish, but friendly bunch.
So armed with my tattoo equipment myslef, David and Alessandro made our way for the whole weekend. Tattoo Jam offered seminars to tattoo artist and held a reception hosted by Sailor Jerry Rum. Being that I had partaken of the evil nectar a few days before at the mask show I still felt very drunk so it's best that I behaved and kept a sober frame of mind to tattoo. I went to the Shane O'Neill Tattoo Seminar and The Paolo Tattoo Machine Building seminars and worked the whole weekend. Now when I do conventions, I am always quite busy and was lucky to keep myslef busy and recoup my investment of the booth. But luckily I got to throw in a few social laps and talk to some of the othert artists their during the weekend. I really enjoyed the convention and was amazed how freindly our neighbouring booth guys were. So hello, hi ther and a big howdy to Empire State Tattoo and Trimur We will be doing the show again and we will be gearing up for the Brighton Tattoo convention. I need to be still for a bit and stop making all kindsa crazy projects, schemes and ideas.

The show was full of some of the best artists in the world and was surrounded by some awesome inspiration. As I was luck enough to do a pin up the last day of the convention, I spent a huge bag of coin while their. No the food in this place left little to be desired cause I was one hungry bitch. But with choices like Pizza Hut, KFC, Chicken Pizza Palace, I realized how good I have it in London. I complained and bitched, moaned to anyone and everyone who would listen or not for that matter.
So I armed with my Ipod I went on a mission to suck up some Lacal Kah-Lor.

I thought this was just a 14 year old kid but he turned out to be 20...

Local Yokels

Even people in Doncaster catch VD...and I would just happen to stumble across it.

Doncaster has no gay bar so this is the closest thing to it I could find. No bear bars, this is it! Suit up! Chop chop put the wings on, curtain is about go up!

This is the most glamorous creature I could find,, She is at the pinnacle hight of teenage fashion. Ahh bless.

Alessandro excited that I am paying for dinner.. look at that bitch's face, you think he'ld never eaten before.

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