Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wal-Mart Fashion Week Every Week

I will admit it, ok I am addicted to style. Fashion mavens everywhere have nothing on style when it comes to appropriating a style that is just truly your own. I say this because fashion is dictated, not spontaneous. With word that Anna Wintour is coming to grace her corpse to this years London Fashion Week, an appearance she has not made since 2007, people are giddy. London is now become a haven for the tragically hip. I myself haven't made an appearance to a fashion week party or show since 2005. To me, it's always the same. Retro looks on bored malnourished youngsters whom think this is dare I type it, FABULOUS. Ok first I was here for the cheap free booze, after parties, and to see whose coke I snort, and what goodies I can grab in my bag. Second I was there to network, network, network.

But To fill your calendar with a weeks worth of Fashion Week Parties is a young persons game and I am an old fart now at the geriatric age of 41. That's like teetering on Karl Lagerfeld domain, you looked stupid surrounded by a bunch of young people who think they know what is supposed to look good. When In actuality some gay guy told them this is the new look. Plus I am much to old to have to suffer fashion cramps. Fashion cramps are outfits that look really good on you but are a fucking pain to wear, like my leather chaps. and I own five pairs of them fuckers. As my palette for style has changed with age, I have turned my sites to a different catwalk.

Stores have become my interest in how people dress, just not only in the high street chains but everywhere. So my new obsession is People Of Wal-Mart . Cause if anything thing these people truly know how to show their true individuality.
Me, myself I will not shop at a Wal-Mart for ethical reasons. Ok, before you start thinking I am some bona fide drunken hippy Norma Rae, I'm more of a Target and K-mart kinda guy, always have been, always will. I mean shit whom can pass up three fruit of the loom wife beaters for $11..00 and dickies for $23.00. Still with rampant rumours of child labour law violations and muscling in on small business and communities, poor care of it's work staff, I just don't see the need to wear an XXXXX LL Bin Liner in the latest red neck style. Just because I am on a K-mart/Target diet doesn't mean I can't look at the Wal-Mart Menu that is there ever glamourous patronage. The aisles of Wal-Mart give Fashion Week a run for its money. Perhaps if Marc Jacobs got off his knees long enough to pry his lips off his Brazilian's piece of cock, he might find a new trend like the bullshit one he hampered onto the masses with Grunge. Still this is some good old fashion scrutiny of the style mavens. I bet lard ass Andre Leon Tally could only dream of suck extravagance, especially since that fucker walks around in what can only be described as an over decorated Muu Muu.

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