Monday, 17 August 2009

A Valentine From Mick Jones!

If you think of two words that appropriate the oil and water ideology it's Rock N' Roll and the word Library. You know those big old pesky halls filled with books and loads of somewhat unattractive people behind self imposing desks telling you to be quiet. I was always told to shut my pie hole in the library, but thaat's no surprise to you lot. Mick Jones of the Clash and Big Audio Dynamite and Carbon Sillicon, has once again opend his treasure trove to the rumoured breeding ground where it is said the Clash had formed. To me it's the perfect place and a Valentine from Mick, nestled directly across the street from Portobello Green Market. With this entire collection housed in a lock up for nearly 17 years, it is open for anyone free of charge to enjoy.

The exhibition is directly under the Westway and give you a glimpse to the history of the band, the area, and the hodgepodge that is Portobello. Portobello has a long history of Raggae and Dub and music scene, and with the Notting Hill Carnival coming at the end of the month, again Mick shows imppecable timing. Records, Movies, Set Lists, Toys and his large Library of Books, Magazines, Fanzines (all Original first Editions). I swear I all most passed out from delirium and sheer excitement and utter envy. I haven't been this giddy since I was spit roasted back to back at the back of Cuff's Leather Bar in Silverlake circa 1995. The entire collection is there for you to read and scan, with memory sticks for sale your fingers can litterally do the walking in this library. The idea is fucking genious. Being that my own pooch is a lover of fine culture she was allowed to enter the 3000 square foot exhibition and partake in all it's splendour.

Doling out Library cards that are also sure to be collectors items and fanznes and t-shirt's for sale, there is someting of interest for everyone. As the Library is only set up for a short time. There are also films and Docmentaries playing in the screening room of the exhibition. Over the weekend Viv Albertine was on hand to to give a history of The Slits. Upon leaving I felt this wasn't just a thank you to the Portobello Market area, Gazza's House Of Rockin Blues and the other attributes that was the breeding ground to Mick, Joe, Paul and Nick..but a time where you really weren't unindated with loads of corperate crap. Slogan's of DIY and starting revolutions and to feel free to make a souviner from the collection run through out the entire collection. Prompting the viewer to simply thnk outside the box and well, do something. The Library closes it's dorrs in August 23rd and is open weds-sunday and is free from 11am-7pm.. At Ladbroke Grove Tube Station and a brisk walk under the Westway, at 2 Acklam Road, it's a perfect way to soend a lazy day and then on to the market to start your very own collection. Being that when I moved to the Portobello/Notting Hill area nearly 7 years ago I have seen it change considerably. This is a testament to the hood of Portobello's greatness and legacy. By any means get your ass down there.

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