Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tattoos Of Insporation.

When I tattoo I would not necessarily say that I have a favorite type of style. Nor would I say that I only like doing one particular type of work over say another. I like to work and with my schedule the way it is, I am glad that people like what I do and try my best to accomodate them. Still it can be work and I am no where near where I want with my own work, so i keep at it an hope that it comes together. But I get inspired by other artists work and hold a high regard for these artists. There are tattoo artists whom only like to do one particular style or thing, and that's cool. But these dudes will always make me try and up my motherfucking game. I state this because when I see their work, it just surpasses what I feel is traditional tattooing and moving it to a level of actual art, and to me thats where the fun come in. The Pay off after hours of labour and deep concentration a work that is permanent is made.

Kore Flatmo= Just an unbeleivable artist and his work is stuning. the contrasts, colour, contrats, EVERYTHING.
I plan to get tattooed by him eventually. The guy fucking rules.

Jan= Original approach to tattoos and very interesting designs. Outside the box tattooing. Another on my list to be tattooed by.

Buena Vista Tattoo Club= Genius and again just unconventional appraoch to a tattoo design. Really Inspiring.

Kari Barba= Flawless and an amazing all round artist.

Mike Devries= Raising the bar on colour and just awesome in his colour theory and approach to his painterly technique.

Jack Rudy= Legend along with Mark Mahoney, before Kat Von D these guys were doing chicano black and grey before fucking Discovery made every little wigger want to look like he came from the barrio. These guys redefined black and grey work

So there it is just a fe of the artists whom work my brain to keep striving. Them and the guys whom taught me. Bob Vessels, Jamie Schene, Marc Paramore and Luis Favela..aka Papi! without these guys in my life I wouldn't be where I am at today and I owe them a great deal.. so on bended knee I pay them proper respect.

At the mo I am going to be taking a break for a few days asI have Skin Deep's Tattoo Jam Convention to do in Doncaster and I am exhibiting their with my shop. So this will pull me away for a few days but I will be back.. Hold tight and see you in church.

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